Cove Court Rehab-Phase 3


Rehab In Progress!

Welcome to the next phase of Cove Court, my most recent rehab-a flip project on the water in Discovery Bay CA. This house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1800 square foot home with a large deck in the back leading to a private covered boat dock. The house is on the Delta river and has a 2 car garage, 2 fireplaces, breakfast bar, 3 storage sheds, and a master suite.

So far, the project overall is going well and as you can see I’ve included some pictures of materials I’m considering using, as well as some of the recent rehab work that has taken place since the last post.

The major work has been done to the outside. The exterior was completely repainted. The colors were Plymouth Grey and Swiss Coffee (thanks Aunt Glenda for the recommendation!) with a slighter darker grey to accent the Plymouth Grey in select trim areas. The garage door was painted this same darker grey and came out sharp.  In addition to the paint, work had to be done to repair dry rot around the windows and repair the trim, then paint over it.

The front door was repainted and came out looking incredible for a fraction of the price of a new front door.

The showers were removed from both bathrooms and the dry wall was replaced.

The back deck had to have a wooden step replaced, and the wooden handrail that sits on top of the black rails had to be replaced with brand new wood and painted to match the house. The black rails themselves were repainted as well and came out looking very sharp.

The color choices came out very well as the Swiss Coffee white provides a nice pop against the grey of the body of the house.

After repainting the house and the rails around the back deck, I decided I would repaint the deck itself as well.  I will choose a color that will match the rest of the house and have my contractor pick out an applicable outdoor paint to match the rest of the house. This does happen during rehab work and while it can add to your budget, the price I will be paying for the work will make the extra money well worth spending. I’ve included an up close picture of the back deck in it’s current condition for comparisons sake once it’s repainted.

I decided I would build a rock wall around the fireplace in the family room.  The price of the stone as well as the labor will determine how large of an area I cover with rock. I’ve included the 3 pictures above as samples of what I submitted to the contractor for what type of stone I’d like. It is as simple as google searching “Fireplace Stone” on your phone, taking screen shots of the pictures you like, and forwarding them to your contractor. He will go to the store, take pictures of the matching stone, and send them to me to decide which ones I like. Once I choose, he will tell the store clerk the model number and amount we need, and I will call and pay for them with my credit card. This way I know exactly how much materials cost, don’t pay any extra, and make sure I’m only paying for labor!

I will be picking out the flooring the same way. Anyone can do this. I sent pictures of the style of floor I like, sent my contractor to the store, and he found similar colors. I decided on a very dark mocha color laminate flooring option for the majority of the house, with travertine mediterranean style tile in the kitchen and bathrooms Bedrooms will be carpeted. I believe the dark mocha should contrast nicely with the light colored tile and by the next update we should have an idea if I was right!

In addition to the flooring, I’ve also been researching the cabinet and counter tops I’d like in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Normally, I buy vanities for the guest bathrooms and just replace the flooring.  However, on a flip of this scale, I’m going to include granite and cabinets as well as the floor tile in the bathrooms to match the kitchen for a uniform appearance. Picking out these materials does not need to be intimidating. It can be as simple as cruising Pinterest, Tumblr, or Houzz, finding designs you like, then looking for those materials. Doing this helps you find current, popular styles as well as color and product schemes that match. I’ll continue my search and show you next edition what I ended up choosing. (It’s also a great idea to ask some of the women in your life what they think about your design ideas as they are WAY better at this than we are).

The house is torn apart, repaired, and ready for it’s new look. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next edition of the Greene Income Newsletter (and if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so below-It’s free!) to see just how things are coming along.

Have any suggestions, questions, or info to share? Feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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