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Justin Nikolich asked 1 month ago

Hi David –  First off I wanted to reach out to introduce myself, my name is Justin Nikolich, and I am a RE investor based out of Tampa, FL.  Pleasure to meet you via email! Secondly, I wanted to thank you for your content on the BP podcast, the overall theme of your story was something that resonates with me.  In RE, it is all about people, relationships, and approaching deals with a win/win mindset.  No reason that things have to be looked at as a zero sum game.  Finally, as we grow our portfolio and expand into other markets I figured it would be helpful to invest in relationships/people like yourself.  That said, if there is anything you need help on in building your \”core four\” in the Tampa Bay area, we would love to help as we are all Tampa/FL natives and have deep RE roots here in the market.  I presume you are a very busy man, but if you ever wanted to connect via email or phone, I would be happy to do so! Good luck in your quest towards global domination 😉 Take Care,  Justin Nikolich 813-507-0349