Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth-Building Potential by Doing Too Much?


Like many of you, when I first started investing, I did everything myself—new door locks, landscaping, cleaning, dump runs, you name it. If it needed being done, I was doing it.  After all, that’s what an entrepreneur does, right?  Turns out, I was more of an “entrepren-doer” than an entrepreneur.  Looking back, I realize I wasn’t…

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David is a real estate investor/agent/author/entrepreneur/police officer in the CA SF Bay Area. David's goal is to achieve total financial independence through real estate and to help as many others do so as possible. When not hunting bad guys, he hunts deals and loves talking real estate. To learn more about David, visit his website where you can also sign into his free investor's newsletter and follow along as he walks you through his deals and shares his latest projects.


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